Dinorobot Kit Aged 8+

Dinorobot - Science Museum
Only £9.99
An excellent value make it yourself kit for any child to make their own Monster! Like all the Science Museum Kits the Dinorobot Kit is really fun to build and very easy to assemble. Children just seem to love anything to do with monsters and dinosaurs. This particular Dinorobot is powered by an electric motor which controlls the Dinorobot movement. When they are building this kit children will learn about electric motors, circuits, and the future of robots! The contents of the Dinorobot Kit inlcude the outer body casing, inner mechanical engine (axle, gear, motor, engine casing, arm, base platform, wheels), Rubber bands, Double adhesive tapes, and full detailed instructions with fun facts. 2 x AA batteries required (not included). 8 years +

Solar System Mobile Kit

Solar System Mobile - Science Museum
Most boys just love anything to do with space and space travel. This Solar System mobile kit will really interest any boy who loves space. They will see how the planets relate to each other and to the sun and at night the Solar System Mobile becomes a 3-Dimensional display as it glows-in-the-dark.
The mobile presents the planets in the correct order, but of course the planets and the sun are not to the same scale of size or distance because this would be impossible.

The planets and sun are made of plastic and snap together for an easy build without glue. The kit also includes glow-in-the-dark paint, Paint brush, 420mm x 594mm Bonus poster with facts of the Solar System, and a painting and assembly instruction sheet. To make the Solar Mobile Glow it simply needs to be exposed to room light or torch light for a minute. Turn off the light and watch the planets glow like magic! Recharge as necessary and it will glow again and again. The Solar Mobile Kit is recommended for children aged 7 years +

Electric Dragster Kit from Science Museum

Electric Dragster Kit - Science Museum

( £10.99)
Dragsters are the ultimate in fast acceleration. This build your own Dragster kit allows you to enjoy the thrill of building one of these monsters of the racing track. Real Dragsters of course don't have an electric motor but for a small build it yourself fun and education kit an electric motor is perfect because the motor can run up to full speed in a very short time.

Dragster racing is basically about acceleration and the best dragsters build up to top speed much quicker than the others. In building this kit you can learn about electric motors, circuits and the way a dragster works. The Dragster Kit contents include the Battery box, Gear box, 2 x CDs for back wheels, 2 x Front wheels, Small and large screw block, Coloured flag and flag rod, Chassis rods, Front axle, Tubing & sticky tape. The Dragster Kit also includes easy to follow detailed assembly instructions with fun facts included. The kit requires 2 x AA Battery (not included). 14 Years +

In a real Dragster race two cars begin at the starting line and race each other in a straight line over a course that is usually one quarter of a mile long. The current world record was set in July 2009, by Tony Schumacher and is 4.428 seconds for the 1/4 mile from a standing start. Boy that's fast!

Rough Roader Car Kit Age 8+

Like the educational kit in our last post the Rough Roader Car Kit (Age 8+) by the Science Museum is great for letting the kids have fun building something themselves while learning at the same time. They will build a working off-road vehicle and while they are doing it they wail learn about scientific principles like energy, force and friction. But the main ting is that they will have fun while they are doing it.

As with the Speedster Car Kit this kit comes complete with the chassis, bodywork panels, Pre-wired motor, Battery holder with and safety cut-out), Pre-cut plastic axles, Plastic wheels and gears, Chunky foam tyres, and Reusable rivets. No glue or tools needed to complete this kit. Requires 1 x AA Battery (not included). The kit is Suitable or ages 8+ and is excellent value at only £9.99

The Science Museum has great educational toys and you will find reviews of them in this blog.

Build a Racing Car Kit

Racer Car Educational KitSpeedster Racer Car Kit - Educational Kit from the Science Museum Aged 8+
There's nothing quite like building a kit yourself when your a child for getting a real sense of achievement and having some really great fun. There are of course plenty of pre-built model cars on the market but this racer car kit gets a child to actually get to grips with building their own racer. In the process of doing this they will explore a number of scientific principles like energy, force, and friction, simple mechanisms, circuits, and electric motors. Children usually learn best when they are enjoying themselves and they will soak up this stuff without even realising that they are learning. It certainly wont fell like a chore as they build this model racer.

The racer has a spur gear drive and comes with slick tyres, adjustable steering, electric motor, switch, drive train, and steerable front axle. The kit includes the chassis and bodywork panels, and the motor is pre-wired. Because all the materials and components are preformed there is no gluing or any need for using tools. The racer needs an AA Battery which isn't included. For ages 8 and up.
And the price for this much fun and learning ? Just £9.99 from a UK supplier when we posted this.

Radio Controlled Morphibian Car

Amphibious RC vehicle
Radio Controlled Morphibian Car - with lights - from the Science Museum

This is a superb amphibious 4x4 vehicle that powers over land and through water. It has a powerful 4x4 traction, which allows it to drive over rough terrain and power through the water.

The Morphibian floats on the water and is able to move because the wheel grips work as paddles, which gves much greater control. The handset that controls this amphibious radio controlled vehicle is easy to use and works with a range of up to 20ft. Requires 3x AA batteries and 2x AAA batteries which are not supplied.
The Amphibian was on sale for £29.99 from the abive link when we posted this.

Walkie Talkie Glasses

Walkie Talkie Glasses - Science Museum

This walkie talkie set is built into the glasses and allows you to communicate over distances of up to 120ft. It has a Push to talk function and a really great audio quality. The Walkie Talkie kit comes with batteries included (8x LR44)